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This particular article provides an overview of the modern Norwegian credit control and this entered on the push on the and is booked to own remark for the another half of 2022.

To help you mitigate the new generate-upwards regarding debt inside the vulnerable property, the fresh new Norwegian Ministry off Financing provides put standards to have banking companies and you will other financial institutions’ credit requirements. Residential mortgage loans have been susceptible to a regulation due to the fact 2015, and a credit controls is followed into the 2019.


The fresh control relates to banking institutions or other economic institutions’ lending means to own mortgage loans and you can user loans. it regulates overseas loan providers performing within the Norway.

The mortgage conditions apply for finance to people and you can sole proprietorships. New regulation’s financing-to-worth (LTV) hats to possess mortgages together with make an application for financing in order to enterprises. The requirements to own unsecured loans submit an application for money to help you customers.

Area 5 of the regulation demands lenders to evaluate your debt-maintenance ability of the users. For lines of credit, age.g., handmade cards, lenders need to foot the research toward full usage of credit constraints. In their review, the lending company must look at the owner’s money and all relevant expenses.

Lenders have to make allocation having an interest rate increase of 5 commission issues when determining debt-maintenance element. If your buyers does not have sufficient money to pay for typical costs shortly after instance mortgage raise, the borrowed funds is only able to feel supplied inside the lender’s independence quota.

Area six of your own controls limitations how much total financial obligation an effective customers might have regarding its gross annual money (debt-to-earnings proportion):

The newest control caps your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio at 500 per cent, meaning a customer’s overall personal debt you should never exceed 5 times their earnings.

The new control lets banking institutions to take on finance deposited from the owner’s BSU membership when choosing the fresh new DTI therefore the LTV rates. BSU is actually a kind of rescuing for all those according to the decades of 34 that provides good criteria in the event the offers are used on the casing or assets.

The quantity placed toward user’s BSU membership should be subtracted on the overall loans regarding calculation out of DTI:

When calculating the newest DTI ratio, lenders is actually obliged to utilize individual income since laid out to possess tax intentions. The latest controls lets loan providers to consider tax-totally free earnings throughout the computation, provided that the cash is actually steady over time and can feel documented. Safer and you can noted rental income is included in the formula.

Caps toward financing-to-value ratio

Part eight of the regulation limitations what size a domestic financial financing are prior to the home well worth (LTV proportion). The maximum LTV ratio to have payment financing and you may house guarantee borrowing from the bank outlines is actually 85 and sixty percent, respectively. Most of the loans into possessions due to the fact collateral must be incorporated whenever figuring the brand new LTV proportion:

To have fund having a holiday dwelling from inside the Oslo since the security, the fresh LTV proportion don’t meet or exceed 60 percent. A secondary hold is defined as people house that have a special target compared to the user’s entered target regarding the National Populace Register.

Part 8 of your regulation allows loan providers to look at a lot more equity when choosing the fresh new LTV ratio, particularly equity various other real estate together with usage of an effective guarantor. The value of the extra security are added to the home worth. As mentioned more than, financial institutions also can subtract coupons throughout the owner’s BSU account of the borrowed funds amount within calculation:

Dominant payments

Area 9 of your own control obliges lenders to require dominant money to have mortgage loans that have a keen LTV ratio exceeding 60 percent. Lenders also needs to want monthly dominating payments towards the all consumer money, just like the stipulated from the section 13. This new payment per month need to constitute an amount which results in the fresh new personal loan getting paid-in full within five years. For personal lines of credit (elizabeth.g., handmade cards) the minimum commission is decided monthly according to the amount out-of credit made use of. The fresh financing regulation permits instalment and you may attention deferral to have present financing so you’re able to users whose ability to shell out could have been briefly dysfunctional.


The brand new financing regulation doesn’t steer clear of the refinancing out-of a current financial or unsecured loan in identical bank, otherwise swinging the loan between financial institutions. To have mortgages it’s necessary that the fresh new loan:

  • doesn’t meet or exceed the dimensions of current loan,
  • has got the same assets because the guarantee,
  • has a period which does not exceed the rest duration of current financing, and you will
  • has got the same or more strict standards getting principal money.
  • cannot meet or exceed the dimensions of the existing financing or finance, and you may


Section twelve of the control allows lenders in order to deflect regarding conditions away from DTI ratio and you will interest fret comparison after they grant loans where in fact the goal is to restructure the fresh customers’ loans. To make use of the fresh restructuring supply, it’s needed that brand new financing:


The fresh new control does not security guarantee release mortgages which have an LTV proportion less than 85 per cent. Security launch mortgages are money that have housing due to the fact collateral where in fact the mortgage gets owed and you can payable if the debtor becomes deceased or sells the home. “Seniorlan” and you may “Litt Extra” is actually examples of guarantee launch mortgage loans available for the Norway.

Furthermore, the newest lending controls will not protection credit lines regarding means of credit cards where in actuality the user’s full credit limits don’t go beyond twenty five 100000 kroner, otherwise whenever financial institutions promote unsecured borrowing that does not sustain any desire expenditures or any other charges for the customer.

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