She is Breathtaking. She is Best. She’s A convenient Justification

This is actually the week that we intend to alienate over half of my personal audience. However it should be told you:

Okay, I am able to already pay attention to brand new fingertips pressing because you produce me personally pissed off e-emails and click the “back” switch on the web browser, however, stay glued to me personally here, I claim I want somewhere with this and it’s maybe not in which you think.

Try not to Go out Geek Women

Nerd society is actually an effective reactionary bundle regarding notice-contradictions. Because nerds and you can geeks are frequently ostracized, you find yourself that have a society you to claims you to “ostraciziation is actually ZOMGEVILZ.” Yet, at the same time, thanks to this same community the most insular you may find; non-geeks are derisively known as “mundanes”; some one criticizing a nerd are “same as those individuals jocks/cheerleaders/bitchy lady that generated higher-college hell for all”. Geeks promote and maintain the idea that nerds because the a collective entire work better, far more ethical, much more tolerant and much more socially acknowledging individuals. It interest towards the withdrawing towards themselves extends on all aspects out of their lives. It is notoriously difficult to remove a geek beyond their comfort zone; the world dislikes and you may worries him, hence why must the guy have almost anything to perform to your world outside of the small slice you to thinking your. Yet not, geeks, as with any almost every other animals, crave love, invited, intimacy and you may company. At the same time but not, they anxiety new getting rejected on the opposite gender. Geeks have an unfortunate tendency to getting badly socialized beyond their fellow class, that renders interested in a romance difficult . Ladies are already stimulating and you can intimidating stuff of desire in the geek culture; looking to socialize together with them try going directly into real terra incognita and there end up being dragons. Go into the cult of Technical Girl.

Who is This new Nerd Lady?

It’s really worth noting that the Nerd Lady is different from a beneficial lady that is a geek.The new Technical Lady ‘s the culmination away from geek ambitions. The woman is the only on Triforce tattooed using one hand and you may the fresh step 1-Right up mushroom on the other. This woman is the main one the fresh new heavy-framed pet-eye-glasses and also the red bobbed locks. She’s dressed in a cannot Avoid the Code tee, knee-duration socks, an excellent Hogwarts sweater (Gryffindor Home, needless to say), a pleated mini-top and you can light Chuck Taylors having Pac-Kid painted by hand onto him or her. She’s the one carrying within Naruto-branded live messenger handbag which have a good copies from Watchmen, Blankets and you may Give Morrison’s run using The fresh X-Boys protruding the big. She actually is waiting in-line into the midnight launch for Halo 4 and Kingdom Minds Rear Aphasia. She actually is clutzy inside the a charming ways, she wants one manage the woman yet she however desires so you’re able to bang your minds away. She’s the new way of life personification from a record of trendy faculties, all the packed toward someone. And you may she only can be acquired inside geeks’ heads.

The thing is that, geeks anxiety getting rejected. It is really not badly alarming; boffins enjoys has just found that personal getting rejected turns on an identical receptors from the brain you to bodily damage do. Getting rejected practically affects. Furthermore, once you place oneself plus heart out on brand new range her rejecting you can feel like a judgement of everything regarding you. When you combine which feeling of anyone doubting whatever your is into the personal ostracism and you will humiliation that geeks enjoys will educated, it’s brief ponder one geeks can turn that it concern with rejection on the a full-blown fear. Of course, if you’re certainly frightened of females, in case your center starts to pound and your looks actually starts to move at really concept of looking to inquire a woman out on a night out together… better, just what better method to eliminate previously needing to face one to situation will there be than to create a set of faculties and identity quirks which come together therefore scarcely regarding feel nearly low-existant? Now you’re not afraid in order to strategy girls, you happen to be only discerning. You’ve got standards. You don’t want one old girl, you prefer one who has a beneficial modded Sega Saturn just who performs all of the Lunar RPGs on amazing Japanese! Just who must worry lady in the event the one to you’re extremely wishing to possess won’t appear during the comical book shop a few weeks anyhow?

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