Journalistic test: exactly what it methods to getting a Muslim inside the Lithuania

Muslims throughout the sight off Lithuanians are among the least preferable personal teams, including the Roma (gypsy), former inmates, escort Allen mental people, homosexuals otherwise Chechens

A couple lady reporters, when creating a research, attempted to real time because Muslims and have the opportunity to feel themselves exactly what sense girls covering its face because of the veils in Lithuania.

In the step three thousand Muslims live in Lithuania, but not, why we almost you should never look for female coating their hair of the headscarves in addition to their system traces – because of the much time outfit as it is well-known to possess ladies Muslims?

If the, in any event, our eyes catches someplace a woman to your direct visibility or the newest veil starting only the lady attention, we might getting typically sure that the woman is only an effective random non-native.

Here Tatars, more who are Muslims-Sunnites, was residing Lithuania for pretty much 600 many years. Immediately following restoration away from versatility during the Lithuania, what number of Muslims that have come from Poultry, Africa or any other nations come expanding too. Lithuania is starting to become another type of domestic not merely to possess Islam-professing refugees of claims becoming convulsed because of the unrest – right now i together with pay attention to intends to deal with a huge selection of Muslim refugees off African countries – however for foreigners going to analysis otherwise work right here.

Just after fall of Iron curtain, another desire was also seen, i.age. about Lithuanian female having moved to foreign countries to own what they do or getaways, begin love connections with Muslims, build family but go back to Lithuania first off here its nearest and dearest lifestyle. Usually Lithuanian people, with feel spouses out of Muslims, move on their own so you can Islam; for this reason, a light-haired, blue-eyed and you will Lithuanian-talking Muslim isn’t any news inside Lithuania of 21st millennium.

Still, it appears to be because if Muslims don’t can be found inside the Lithuania at all the. And additionally homosexuals and homogenous couples growing upwards youngsters „don’t are present“. Equally as here “weren‘t“ disabled individuals lifestyle towards the higher floors off blockhouses in the place of elevators during the Soviet minutes.

The studies have shown you to greater part of Lithuanian Muslims (in particular – women) getting by themselves nearly like would homosexuals while the each of them are built to alive twice life on account of intolerance and you will stereotypical thinking out of society

Only some of them keep hidden using their familiar anyone their sexual direction plus the almost every other – the chosen religion and you may existence considering the requirements.

Given that latest societal questionnaire stands for, regarding one third of Lithuanians would not like to reside the latest area out of and you can rent rooms so you can Muslims, and you may on one to 5th of those do not want to your workplace in identical business put that have Muslims.

“Of numerous familiar people don’t remember that I’m a beneficial Muslim. Now i’m as well poor to battle against stereotypes and you can dispute one my hubby wasn’t pressuring me to accept Islam, it was my alternatives and that i feel good thus, that i haven’t deceived God and have perhaps not done some thing crappy. I’m opting for not most readily useful but easier method. Furthermore, I do not want to care and attention specific loved ones, particularly – old ones, as they begin to not really know and get scared without having any reason“, a beneficial Lithuanian lady, having changed into Islam 2 years ago and together with her foreigner partner located in Vilnius, said to Veidas. The students woman, that are called as Agne right here, requested let-alone her real title and you can details of her individual lifestyle because she worries to get recognized by this lady members of the family and you will familiar anybody.

The new interviewee has actually revealed that she actually is dressed in a vintage black top from Muslim women plus a facial coverage niqab only when visiting the motherland off the woman husband. She’d should top herself therefore for the Lithuania; not, yet she’s got not got enough courage to put on also hijab – to fund the girl tresses by an excellent cloak. She actually is sure it might never be safe for a generally clothed Muslim girl in the Lithuania.

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